Monday, June 30, 2014

Paddle boarding was fun, the water was warm and the sun seemed to take away every stress we were feeling. When Brooklyn was at work we decided to get to know the bus schedule. While we were waiting for the bus I decided it would be faster to just hitch hike. So while sitting there with my thumb out I began to get discouraged that no one would pick us up. It was then that my disappointment melted away as a mini van pulled over right in front of us! I yelled back to Logan, "Come on hurry up!" I then ran to the passenger side door and tried to open the door. To my surprise it was locked. I began yanking on it thinking it was jammed or something. I then made eye contact with the driver who was a local and about 65 year old. He gave me a confused look and through the window I pointed down the road toward the beach and said, "Are you going that way?" He then shook his head and pointed to the house that he had pulled over in front of. It turned out he just pulled over to go to someones house and a crazy girl tried to jump into his car. I then slowly backed up and saw Logan dying of laughter behind me. I then decided the bus was probably the best course of action. We caught the bus to the nearest beach, which was called Shark's cove. We went snorkeling and layed in the sun eating beef jerky. It really was quite amazing:)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Our first day in Hawaii.
Logan and I were so excited for our trip to Hawaii. We take a trip every year and decided to go back to Hawaii this time. We went four years ago to Kauaii and Oahu for our honeymoon and had a great time and were excited to get back. This time we stayed on the north shore with my best friend Brooklyn. She lives in an amazing house in Laie right next to BYU Hawaii and the PCC. She was the best host ever and picked us up from the airport during her break from work and then dropped us off at the beach on her way back. We changed into our swim suits in the airport bathroom and were itching to get to the beach. She dropped us off at Pipeline and there we stayed for the next 5 hours. Some people would think that is too much time at the beach, but we just never get enough. After she came back to pick us up we ate at the Kahuku Grill, which was awesome and then went back to the house for an amazing sunset. Logan is such a busy body and always finds things to keep himself occupied. He found a couple of coconuts and decided that he just needed some coconut in his life:) So he found a saw and a pick ax in the garage and went to work. After working on them for a while he cracked them open and enjoyed some fresh coconut milk. We fell asleep that night with the windows open listening to the waves break on the peninsula and I honestly couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be. There really is something about getting away from life and taking some time to reconnect with yourself and where you are in life. I really feel like the island life is for me:)