Thursday, February 4, 2016


Scout is 10 months and I don't know when it happened
She is happy and laid back most of the time
Although she does have a stubborn side
She is babbling and saying Momma and Dadda
Crawling everywhere and so close to walking
Loves eating finger foods and puffs
Still hates Afternoon naps
Sleeps through the night
Likes to be involved in the action
And becoming such a little ham!


Scout got to experience her very first Christmas this year. We did it up right with lots of yummy foods, Christmas jammies, plenty of fun outings with Nana and Papa, presents, and a Christmas Eve dance party. Scout had a great Christmas mainly because she is so social and being around Grandparents and cousins constantly is like heaven for her. We had her open her first present which took like 20 minutes and she lost interest half way, but that is ok. Christmas is my very favorite Holiday and it has improved immensely now that we have little Scouty to spend it with. Babies really do make everything in life so much better:)


Had her first Christmas
Met Santa and was indifferent
Touched snow for the first time
Got to pet a shark
Getting into EVERYTHING
Sleeping through the night
Hates afternoon naps
Getting too big too fast!


8 Months already
Made her debut as Gollum for Halloween
Loves story time at the Library
Figured out how to pull herself up on everything
Can stand and lower herself down to the ground
Loved her first Thanksgiving 
Is such a social butterfly
Loves spending time with momma and daddy