Saturday, October 17, 2015

Month 6

She is on the move ladies and gentlemen! Scout is movin and a groovin. She is Scooting all over the place and starting to get into everything that she can touch. Everything goes in the mouth and she is totally enjoying life! But who wouldn't when you have two people completely dedicated to spoiling you rotten!

She is scooting all over the house
Started solid foods and is NOT a fan
Is still nursing like crazy
Is wearing 6-9 month clothes
Wears her amber necklace 24/7
Is loving the Ergo
Can put her own pinkie in
Has amazing fine motor skills
Loves laying on her side in her "lady pose"
Loves jumping in her saucer

Month 5

Month 5 has been crazy! All of the sudden I feel like my baby is becoming a little human. Scout has been rolling all over the place. She rolls from back to front and front to back. We are constantly at the beach or the pool and Scout is in love with the water. Every time we go to the pool we practice putting our heads under the water so we can become strong swimmers!

Definitely only fitting in 6-9 month clothes now
So social and loves getting attention
Rolling around the entire living room
Swims everyday and takes a nap pool side
Has started to enjoy all her toys
Can now transfer toys from one hand to the other
Yells and squakes all day long!