Sunday, July 13, 2014

I know I know I am still catching up on Hawaii pictures. It is ridiculous, but then again I don't really care cause as Kimala says, "I do what I want." We started out our Wednesday but going to the Valley of the Temples where there is a replica of a beautiful Buddist Temple that original resides in Japan. It was such a beautiful place with turtles, fishes, and amazing architecture. We decided to light candles and send our prayers out into the universe while admiring the inside of the temple. Logan found an awesome grouping of bamboo trees and left our little mark letting the world know that we were once there.
After leaving the temple we drove down and Logan rented a surf board, which he was dying to do the whole time. We drove over to Chun's Reef and he paddled out and enjoyed a two hour surf session, which included long boarding on endless waves that never seemed to finish breaking. I laid on the sand and body surfed next to giant sea turtles, which actually scared the crap out of me. It was actually one of the best days I can remember until I saw Logan paddling in from surfing and asked me for the car keys. I told him that I didn't have them. We then realized that he had put them in the pocket of his trunks before heading out to surf. Ladies and gentlemen the sea had claimed that car key and the chaos was about to commence. It was a tricky situation because my amazing generous best friend Brooklyn had let us borrow her car, so it was her key. We then realized that there was no spare key so I decided to call the one person thatI knew would help me and that was my bro Sean. I called him explained the situation in my silent scared frustration and he got to work. He found me the only locksmith on the island and called the Toyota dealership in Honalulu to see if the technician could cut me a new key on site. We then waited for the guy to come and after quoting and high price we decided to go with it since it was really our only option. After he was done we brought the car back to Brooklyn and said that we would not be borrowing it again. Hahah we were pretty wrecked about how much money we spend, but swallowed it and tried to move on. It wasn't until 4 days later that we checked out bank statement and realized that they charged us double the ridiculous quoted price. In a crazed rage I called the locksmith to get it straightened out and to get my money, because I was going to get my money back. I called and quickly realized that we had be scammed. We realized that Logan had signed a receipt with no listed amount. As a result there really was nothing to be done. Logan and I are still trying to get ahold of the manager, who is conveniently out of the office ALWAYS. Moral of the story: Crap happens and sometimes there is nothing to do about it. Poetic I know. Logan and I worked hard not let let it ruin our day or subsequent days;) It was a good thing we were in Hawaii because that really did lessen the sting, but I now know one thing and that is hell hath no fury like a woman scammed.