Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Month 2

   Scout's second month was so much fun, but not without it's challenges. We got to travel home for the first time and saw how Scout did on long car rides. I cannot believe that she is getting so big already. Above are some pictures of her second month and below is a recap of her likes and dislikes!

Has started to smile and it is killing us
Loves to eat and is gaining weight like crazy
Still likes her car seat and driving, especially on the freeway
Wearing mostly 3 month clothing
Awesome at tracking people around the room
Loves taking naps on your chest
Still sleeping in our room 
Wakes up twice a night to eat
Getting better at taking her binkie
Slowly coming out of her colic stage
Nuzzles her face on your chest when trying to get comfy
Loves burying her face in your armpit and sleeping that way
Grabs her hair while she nurses or drinks a bottle
And loves making lots of noises