Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This last Friday some of the girls in my cohort decided to do dinner and a movie! Vanessa made amazing soup, I made salad, Melissa brought rolls, and KJ provided the brownies. We sat around and ate and chatted and held Noa, Melissa's baby. I think all of us left there super baby hungry because he is gorgeous and so easy going. Then we went down to Jen's movie room, yes I said movie room and watched She's the Man. It was so good we pretty much quoted the whole thing. I loved getting together with the girls and being crazy! We will def do this again...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love it when Logan agrees to going to Kneaders on Saturday morning with me at 10am. There is nothing better then eating tons of french toast in your sweats with your sweetheart. Kneaders has all you can eat french toast and boy is it yummy! I only ate two pieces and Logan at 5 pieces, cause he is a man. We had a busy weekend and I am so happy that his was part of it.


Monday, October 15, 2012

      Ok, so first of all I am not a hair expert at all,  I leave that to my super talented sister and super stylish friends, but this weekend the up-dos got a little crazy. So when I was a freshmen in college I decided to cut off all my long hair in my best friends kitchen at 2am. It was the first time I had EVER had short hair. So for about the next 4 years I was in the growing out phase, you know that phase where you want to kill yourself for ever cutting your hair off. Well, when I had short hair I would always do super cutie up-dos to try and change things up, but since my hair had grown out it is just always down. This weekend I was looking at pictures of some old up-dos and I decided to stop being boring and to get creative. So where did I go? Pinterest of course! On Sunday I decided to try this one and instead I came out with pictures 1-3. I didn't get it completely right, but I ran with it. Then on Monday I decided to try this one, a simple french twist, and instead I can out with picture 4. I didn't get that one right either, but I kind of likes my version better. I encourage all of you to try some of these and see what you get. It is a great solution for third day dirty hair...not like I ever go that long or anything:)


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Logan is the president of the Cancer Awareness Group for BYU campus. Every year in the homecoming parade the CAG group has a float. Logan organized it all and got the truck looking super cutie with a balloons and posters. We had a couple of volunteers dress up in our tigger and shark costumes. The kids LOVED Tigger, which is no surprise. I was taking pictures of the crowd when I spotted non other then Stephanie Nielson from Nie Nie Dialogues. I spotted her, her husband, their kids, and the new cutie baby. I was suuuuuper star struck. Then I saw the cutest old man playing with his dog on his lawn. His white socks were sticking out and he looked like the character from UP! After the parade we got tickets to Divine Comedy on campus. And we took a self timer pic!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This last weekend was super good and super busy! We went and saw a BYU football game and froze our booties off. Logan also treated me and got a cougar tail witch is a huge maple bar and I got a hot chocolate. BYU won the game so it definitely completed the experience for us. My bro Sean and Logan's bro Rick came into town and stayed with us! I love it when I get to see Sean expecially when I make him take self timer picks with me and he does his cutie girl pose. Here is to Wednesday... let it be over quickly:)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am married to the most frugal man alive. Last night Logan was sifting through our mail and found a bunch of coupons that I would usually throw away without looking at. He found a coupon for a free hamburger from A&W. He sent in the required text messages and there we had a little text message for free dinner. We went after school today and demolished those hamburgers. This is the aftermath, believe me it was not pretty.
While at A&W we saw a dad about ready to kill his sons for jumping around the restaurant and laying on the floor AND we witnessed a man almost have a heart attack over how long it was taking to get his food. He was saying things like, "If we were at Wendy's we would have already gotten our food and eaten it by now." As Logan and I were sitting there I realized how easy it was for us to judge these people for their negative energy and behavior, but then I started thinking, "What is going on in their lives that is causing them to react this way in a fast food restaurant?" It is easy to judge people, but much harder to see what is really going on inside. Can you tell I am being trained to be a therapist? It really is obvious isn't it?


Monday, October 1, 2012

Real Life

Life has been kind of crazy lately. Logan volunteers at the ER every Monday from 8pm-12am. He has to wear scrubs and I am make his post for pictures just because I think he looks super cute. On Sunday I wore my Momma's polka dot skirt with leopard print. At church Logan said, "So, polka dots with leopard?" I replied, "I do what I want." They both had black in them right??? haha
On Friday night we posed for some self timer pictures on the way out the door. We had Panda for dinner and it was blissful. School is getting tougher, but I am so glad that I have Logan.

P.S. Grey's Season Premier- What the Crap?!?! What's up Arizona, good to see that you have no legs!!! Shocked.

Love, Tay