Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 ^^^Airport pics were obviously necessary^^^

 ^^^The boys were always swimming, playing baseball, running, or trying to catch crabs^^^

 ^^^Logan and I were reading constantly on this trip^^^

 ^^^Hushpuppies and frog legs. Everything in that meal was fried^^^

 ^^^The Rees girls driving the boat^^^

 ^^^They obviously found lots of things to jump off of^^^

 ^^^Logan caught, cooked, and ate his crab^^^

 ^^^The Grove was an everyday pit stop, because who doesn't need an absurd amount of ice cream^^^

^^^Here it is the first fish I ever caught. We have rule that if we catch anything we have to eat it. My fish looks little, but he put up a fight!^^^

I guess I am not completely done catching up on pictures. I forgot about all of the photos on my phone from our Florida trip. So here is our trip according to my iPhone:)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

^^^Photo credit goes to the gorgeous Brook Skousen^^^

It's about that time of year again when Logan and I start to get really trunky and start craving a tropical adventure. Early in our marriage Logan and I both decided that traveling was to be a priority in our lives. We love leaving our routine lives and flying somewhere to get away and experience different places, cultures, foods, and people. Since we have been married we have taken a trip every summer to a different place, which we feel is a great tradition that we would like to continue. We were sitting in bed looking at a map, because that is how our travel plans always start and we decided that we needed to go and visit my best friend Brooke in Laie Hawaii! That same night we got online found two tickets and booked a trip for 12 days on the island. We are so excited to stay with Brooklyn   and have her show us the island:) We are going in May right after Logan graduates with his Undergrad and I graduate with my Masters. It will be a great vacation to take since Logan will be starting in the Fall and I will start a new job as a therapist somewhere. Hawaii here we come!