Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Florida

We recently went to Sarasota Florida for a week with our friends Stephanie and Bennett. Stephanie's family has an amazing vacation condo right on the beach in Casey Key on the gulf coast. Every morning we would get up and head straight to the beach. I loved laying out and feeling the sun slowly tan me:) Logan caught his first crab and I caught me first fish! We ate both of them... We swam, laid out, read novels, ate ice cream, BBQ every night, and had some amazing sea food including alligator bites, and flounder. We take a trip every summer and we are so happy that we chose Florida this year. We were completely surrounded by water and barely ever changed out of our swim suits. We were definitely sad to leave Florida, but are happy to be one step closer to graduation. Two more semesters  and we will be graduated. Back to the grind...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life Lately

^^^We have been spending time with Baby Makhi and his amazing parents:)^^^

^^^Logan took the MCAT and since we love to celebrate we went out to Indian food.^^^

^^^Logan and I were able to see Makall and Marcus bless baby Jack. I love sweet moments with my best friend Makall and having the opportunity to be apart of her life.^^^

^^^We went with our good friends Stephanie and Bennett to see the BYU boys soccer game. Logan and I LOVE watching soccer together. We are always discussing strategy.^^^

^^^Since it is summer now we have been grilling. BBQs in the summer are a must.^^^

^^^I have developed the unhealthy habit of trying a brand new dessert from scratch every Sunday night. They are delicious, but oh so rich.^^^

^^^A month after taking the MCAT Logan finally got his score back and scored in the 95th percentile, which means he can get into any of the schools he applied to. That night we went to IN N OUT and saw World War Z. That is how we celebrate:)^^^


Sunday, June 16, 2013

My date with Photo Booth:
Logan has been gone for about 4 days now. He took a trip to California with his brother to see his best friend before he moved to China for 2 years! Life without Logan is kind of boring, but my friends have helped to keep my busy. I spent the weekend eating Honey Bunches of Oats for every meal and laying out a Seven Peaks to work on my tan. I also strolled around the mall and found this little black maxi dress. I LOVE maxi dresses in the summer because they keep me cool and they are so cutie. I got this one at Forever 21 and am having a hard time taking it off! As for the rest of the weekend I have a copy of Les Mis and plan on belting out every single song until Mr. Thomas comes home. Sometimes I wonder what everyone else does when they are home alone for a long weekend... curious:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Lately,
Please prepare yourselves for picture overload. I haven't blogged in awhile and I am afraid there is no excuse other than me just being lazy. Logan and I finished Winter semester, celebrated Brad's graduation, I went home to visit California, and now we are settling into our summer routine. Logan is studying about 14 hours a day for the Mcat which he takes in one week and I have started working full time as a therapist for Wasatch Mental Health where I will be doing my summer internship. The pictures below span all the way back to March, so i hope you all have fun taking a look.