Friday, April 29, 2011


Lately I have been thinking alot about my mom, Kimala. She is so wonderful and awesome. I really appreciate everything that she does for me. I love her because: She doesn't hang up on me when I call her at 7:00am so I can chat between my classes, she comes to Idaho EVERY winter in February to keep me from becoming clinically depressed, when I go home she makes sure I get to go to my favorite lunch places, she will come into my room and talk to me as I get ready for the day, she has held my hand through every break up I have gone through, she takes me to Foster Freeze to get an ice cream cone, she will eat bruschetta and grilled mushrooms for dinner with me just because I have a craving, she accepts my nudist nature, she tells me when I look good in something and when I don't, she is my personal therapist, she has encouraged me through my entire college experience and is probably the main reason why I am graduating this semester, she will read with me in the sun, She takes me to Costco with her so I can eat all the samples, she taught me the principles of the Gospel, she is the woman that I want to be someday. If you couldn't tell she is kind of cool:)

Love, Tay

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

1.) I need to get back into shape. Logan and i played soccer on Tuesday night and I can barely walk today.
2.) I wish I had a garden. I have a bamboo plant names Lucky, but i think he needs some friends.
3.) I wish Cadbuy Cream Eggs were sold year round.
4.) Logan and I are already planning our outfits for the midnight showing of Harry Potter.
5.) I think the color coral causes instant happiness.
6.) Pop Corn should be it's own food group.
7.) I am wondering if it is bad to eat strawberries every night.
8.) I don't think jeans should be worn in the summer. Just shorts, skirts, dresses and linen pants.
9.) My pasty complexion causes me anxiety.
10.) LAW and ORDER SVU is addicting. It's a vicious cycle.
11.) I have observed that walking on the grass will earn you some dirty looks on campus. I do it anyway because I think that is what grass is for.
12.) Nieces and Nephews bring a smile to my face every time.
13.) Ice cold water is substantially better than room temperature water.
14.) Homework is feeling more and more like a chore list that never ends.
15.)Recieving mail makes me feel important.
16.) Ther should be a class dedicated to meditation to keep my sanity intanct.
17.) I want to wear a hat every day.
18.) I would like to live in my bathing suit.
19.) I have started my reading list for post-graduation. Include books: Sense and Sensibility, The Help, Man's search for Meaning, Night, and The Dressmaker.
20.) Logan's jokes make my day.

This is my sister Tani and her daughter Milla. They make me instantly happy.

Love, Tay

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saturday full of FASHION

Lately I have been wanting to get rid of some of my clothes and I would like to get some money out of it. So today after work I cleaned out my closet and come up with two grocery bags (reusable) of pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, and accesories. I went to Idaho Falls seeking out a Consignment Shop. If you don't know what this is it is a store that buys lighted used clothes and gives you a little bit of money. I went in and dropped off my bags thinking that when I came back I would have sold a good portion of clothes. Unfortunately when I came back i saw that they had only chosen about 6 items and they were all from American Eagle, Abercromie and Fitch, and Down East outfitters (don't hate me I went through a stage in high school). I still had two whole bags of clothes from Gap, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie! I was shocked they didn't choose any of these clothes.
So I have an Idea fellow blogging ladies. What about a Saturday full of FASHION. I want to set up a huge clothing sale. We can all come together with our clothes that we are hoping to sell and have a huge garage-like clothing sale. We could advertise it on blogs, in our wards, and to everyone we see. We can sit in lawn chairs, sip lemonade, and sell some clothes. Please let me know if you are interested because I would love to spend a sunny Saturday after noon cleaning out my closet!

Love, Tay

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Logan and I are moving to Provo in August. We are looking for a relatively inexpensive apartment that is close to BYU campus. Logan is going to ride his bike to school so we need to be near by. I have been looking like crazy but I just haven't found anything yet. We have never lived in Provo so we don't even know what is available. I have this intense fear that I am going to be forced to live in a dark basement and never see the sunlight. So if any of you know of anything please let us know. We would appreciate any help or advice that we can get!

Love, Tay

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter BUNNY

Happy Easter! Logan and I went to Salt Lake this weekend for Logan's brother Sam's wedding. They had a beautiful wedding and dinner in Salt Lake. His bride Ashley looks gorgeous and so did the decorations. The dinner was at a place called Cafe Trio in Cottonwood. Seriously if you have never been there GO! It was so delicious and the kept my Diet coke glass full the entire time. Thats pretty much all it takes to make me happy:) Logan's whole family came up and we all stayed in a condo together. We had lots of fun meals and an Easter Egg hunt. We felt like kids again. Logan just played with his Neices and Nephews the whole time. I think it was the highlight of their lives. He loved it to. He is going to be such a good daddy:) This is a picture is of my chocolate bunny that I was nibbling on all the way home back to Idaho. It was super tasty. Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter Day!

Love, Tay

Friday, April 22, 2011


Im at Your Daily Dose today! Take a look. Have a great Weekend and Happy Earth Day!

Love, Tay

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Bees

Logan and I came home from out trip to a very empty house. On Saturday morning we didn't even eat breakfast we just drank alot of water in hopes that it would hold us over. We left for our traditional Saturday morning trip to Winco. Sean, Rach, and Mckayo usually come with us. Logan and I love Winco we are on a tight budget so it helps us spend less and get more. Anyways we went and I saw something hilarious. Winco has a series of containers by the produce. Three of these containers are full of different kinds of honey. Orange, clover, and blackberry honey. This is what the containers looked like. Please note the label in the top right hand corner.

Bees?!?!? Isn't that dangerous. Logan and I were so tempted to take a peak inside. But really Bees? I had this vision of the container opening and Bees chasing every one out of Winco.

Love, Tay

Monday, April 18, 2011


Logan and I just got back from out trip to California. It was so much fun being with our families and knowing that we didn't have any homework. I am always so bad at taking pictures when I am home because I am distracted by all the fun things to do. I did get a few pictures in though. We had so much fun, but we are happy to be back home in Idaho... Now we are ready for a new semester. My last one!!! What did you do over the break? Quick summary of the pictures below. We had lunch at Guss's our favorite outdoor lunch spot. Milla was attacking her sun chips. She is sooo cute. Then we brought Tani Doughnuts for her birthday. Logan and I were singing out "Doughnut Time" song. We also went to the beach where we had a typical day at the beach. Logan surfs till he can't anymore and I lay on the sand and get burned to a crisp. Logan found a sand dollar for me which is in our house and leaving sand everywhere which I love! I also perfected my age old skill of making a turban out of my t-shirt. Cute I know.

Love, Tay

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Checking in!

Logan and I are still in SLO and we are having the greatest time. We have been laying out in my back yard trying to get some sort of a tan, hot tubbing every night, eating lunch in the sunshine at our favorite spots, getting Starbucks every morning (well thats just me), Hiking in the green hills, Surfing (thats Logan), eating amazing dinners prepared by Logan's mom, going to late night movies, laying and reading in the warm sun, and taking drives around town. The SLO life is sooo good and Logan and I have decided to make it our home forever:) Ill checkin in again later and maybe put up a few pics from our trip. Hope your breaks are going amazing!

Love, Tay

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Papers, papers, PAPERS

Finals are all around us and I find myself looking at papers that look like this all day. Filled with words, phrases, and formulas that I am expected to memorize perfectly and pour out on to a test. All the papers are beginning to look the same to me. Too full and too chaotic to comprehend. I can take comfort in one thing today. I finished the last science class of my educational career. I will never be forced to learn Chemistry ever again. So I guess I can zone out on these chaotic study guides with that reassurance in my mind. Just doesn't look too appealing does it? One more final for Logan and I and then we are off to sunnier adventures:)

Love, Tay

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A SATURDAY night to remember

As you all know this past weekend Logan was gone and I was lonely. Luckily my close friends Ally and Alex came to my rescue on Saturday night. We had a night to remember. We got .79 cent corn dogs from Arctic circle, french fries, Horkleys, and we watched the movie Burlesque. It was so much fun cruising Rexburg eating till we felt sick and then deciding at the end of the movie that we should all become Burlesque dancers. Thanks Ally and Alex for keeping me company and doing what we do best, hanging out in our yoga pants bein up to no good:) Love you both!

I don't know if you can tell by this picture, but there are 6 corn dogs on my coffee table. We know how to eat:)

Love, Tay

Saturday, April 2, 2011

California's COMIN

This coming week is finals and instead of investment planning, counseling techniques, chemistry, and Old Testament trivia all I can think about is going to the sunny beach. I have 4 finals to take and focusing is kind of crucial at this point, but I just can't stop thinking about getting on that plan on Friday afternoon. And going to a place where there is endless food, warm weather, and the ocean. Hopefully next week the reality of my situation will set in and I will be able to do well, but even if I don't there is one absolute here and that is in a week I will be home.
Oh I survived my first night alone last night. I felt so silly. When I got home I did a quick sweep through the house just to make sure that there was no one hiding in my closet or in the bathtub, you know standard procedure. Before I went to bed I even looked under the bed just to make myself feel better. I took a big pillow and put in under the covers next to me for the allusion that Logan was here. It didn't work though because even with the pillow I got a grand total of 5 hours of sleep last night. So Log if you are reading this COME HOME! or find me a pillow that is 6'3 cause this one ain't hackin it...

Love, TAy

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue and Black ALL over

Lately I feel like the rules of fashion have completely changed. I grew up with a mother who is a fabulous dresser and is a sucker for classic pieces of clothing. I learned the rules very early and stuck to them. However, as of late i feel as if all the rules have gone out the window. Matching doesn't really exist anymore. We wear a solid and every bright item we have on top of it or stripes and florals combined. So I have a question to ask all of you stylish little ladies. Black and Blue. A do or a don't? We were raised to think that black and navy blue were never to be worn together, but now with our new set of rules it just might work. Let me know what you all think:)
P.S. Logan is leaving for the weekend this afternoon and I can already feel myself falling into a mild depression. Looks like a weekend of studying for finals and stuffing myself with every comfort food i can find. Maybe ill try Becca's mac and cheese. Looks yummy!

Love, Tay