Thursday, December 16, 2010


Finals are wrapping up and Logan and I are finally able to exhale. This weekend we are going down for Alex and Ben's fabulous wedding in Salt Lake and then on Sunday we will be in SLO for the Break. Next week our family is going to Balboa Island and we are spending two days at the most magical place on earth! DISNEYLAND. Balboa is the best place around Christmas time. There is lots of food, laughter, and cutie little houses. I can't wait to run around Disneyland with Logan. I want to go on Star Tours, Space Mountain, the Tea Cups, Soarin Califonia, and the Peter Pan ride. This is going to be a Christmas to remember. I seriously can't wait to go to Disneyland and become a little kid again:)

Love, TAy

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas PARTAYS!

Last Saturday we went to a christmas party with some friends. There were yummy treats, funny conversations, and a White Elephant Christmas exchange. At one point Logan and I had a fish... It was lots of fun and Logan and I are LOVING this Christmas season:)

This picture is courtesy of Becca's cutie blog. Thanks Becca!

Love, Tay

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Tis The SEASON!

Today Logan and I did our Christmas photo shoot for our Christmas cards. My brother Sean took our Pictures because he has a fabulous camera and is very talented. We threw on some old school turtle necks and got into the Christmas Spirit. Get ready for some awesome Christmas cards in the mail. A special thanks goes out to Rachel. She bought us this cutie little Christmas tree because she felt like no one should go without a tree for Christmas. I am so in love with it that I decided to needed to be in the 2010 Christmas card. Thanks Rach!!!

Love, Tay

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honeymoon SicK...

For our Honeymoon we went to Kauai and then to the Big Island. This is a picture of both of us at the Hawaiian Temple. It was so beautiful and warm and whenever I look at this picture I smile and want to go back super bad! I am honeymoon sick tonight. I want to go back NOW! Miss you honeymoon:)

Love, TAy

The Christmas BUggggg

School is winding down and finals are just around the corner and what is constantly on my mind? How much I want a Christmas tree! We aren't getting a tree becasue we will only be here for two more weeks until we go home to California to spend Christmas with our families. So instead we have hung colored lights around our window, put up a cutie wreath on our front door, put a ornament centerpiece on the coffee table, and light a cinnamon candle. I love our lights! The first thing I do in the morning is run into the living room and plug them in. I would leave them plugged in all the time if I could!!! I love Chistmas sooo much and and dreading the day that it ends.

How much do you love Christmas?

Love, Tay

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So every winter I get obsessed with a new coat. The coat of 2010 is from UrbanOutfitters of course. I am obsessed with it because you can wear it anywhere. I have dressy coats and casual snowboarding coats, but I think this one bridges the gap!!! It is the perfect khaki color and has a sherpa lining. It can go over jeans and flats or you can even wear it to church. I have been stalking this coat since September. Logan makes fun of me because I check the Outerwear section of Urban everyday to see if it is on sale yet. Oh Khaki coat I love you so much and dream of one day making you mine.

Love, TAy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HomE BabY

This is home and Logan and I are having the greatest time. We are hanging out with our families, seeing old friends, and enjoying the sunshine of San Luis Obispo. With the recent news of the Rexburg blizzard we find ourselves saying to each other, "Do we really have to go back?" Rexburg has been good to us but when you live in a place a beautiful as this it is hard to see the good in any other place. SLO we love you and will miss you dearly until we come back at CHRISTMAS!!!

Love, TAy

Friday, November 19, 2010

BreaK StartS NoW!!!

Thanksgiving break starts today after school. Logan and I are driving to Utah tonight after I get off work at 4pm. I am sooo excited. I love road trips with Logan. We laugh, we sing, we dance, and we eat! I know the drive is long about 17 hours from Idaho to California, but I don't care. We are very excited to spend time with our families. Logan wants to see his mom, hang out with his friends, and go surfing. I am all my mom and Tani all the time:) We are so thankful for our families and for the love and support that they continually give us. We are so excited to see you all we can't even stand it! See you tomorrow fam!

Love, TAy

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life LatelY

This is pretty much what we have been up to lately:)

Love, TAy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To the SWEETEST Birthday bOy

Today is my Logies 22nd birthday! It has been such a good day. I made Logan breakfast in bed as he opened his present. Then we went to school and for dinner we went our to Red Robbin. It was so much for to celebrate Logan's birthday with him since he has spent his last two birthdays in Africa. I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man who loves me more than I will ever deserve. I love you Logan and I hope today was amazing. Happy Birthday baby.

I don't really know why I used this picture. I'm just obsessed with it:)

Love, TAy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

kEEping wARm

So in Rexburg it is snowing and I mean snowing. Logan and I decided not to turn on our heat until Thanksgiving so that we would have something to be thankful for... and it's expensive. So our apartment has been a little chilly to say the least. Last night we were making homemade pizza and as I took the pizza out and turned off the oven Logan and I just stood next to the open oven with our hands out soaking up all the warmth. You know it's cold when you are both hovering over the oven trying to defrost your bodies. We both just started laughing at what we were doing. Being newly married is hard sometimes, but when you have moments like this together it all just seems worth it. Logan I wouldn't trade our oven time for anything in the world.

Love, TAy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy BIRTHDAY LindsaY

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!! This is my best friend Lindsay. She is currently on a mission in Korea. Today is her birthday and I am sending all my love to her. She is the most wonderful, crazy, smart, free, spontaneous, witty, loving, kind, funny, and ridiculously awesome girl ever. We have been friends since we were 13 and I just love her more and more with every passing day. Love you Lu Lu! Cant wait to see you next year baby!

Love, TAy (Jordie)

#1 SuckA

This last Saturday Logan did a Triathlon at the school. He has been mildly training for it in the mornings after work. The triathlon starts small and progressively gets harder every month. Out of the 30 people in the triathlon logan got 1st!!!!! He beat everyone in his heat, everyone who did the race, and all the other teams. Teams are people who split up the race into three parts so each person does a different leg of the race. My husband beat them all. Lightning Logan Thomas is here to stay BYU-Idaho!

Love, TAy

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Halloween weekend was a blast. On Friday night we had our Ward party that we went to. We pulled out our classic SHARD and TIGGER costumes. They are oldies, but goodies. After the party we went back to our house with some friends and watch Poltergeist. It was funny and scary at times. The next day we went out to dinner and ate lots of Candy. We love halloween time because there is candy, haunted houses, scary movies on TV constantly, pumpkins, and tons of cutie costumes! Can't wait till next year:)

Love, TAy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Holiday season is approaching and I couldn't be more excited. I love the holiday season. Everyone smiles more and is angry less. Best time of the year. Here is a list of the things i plan on doing this holiday season:

1. Drinking Hot Cocoa with marshmallows bobbing on the top
2. Buy embarrassing Christmas sweaters
3. Sit around the Christmas tree and just enjoy the smell
4. Go to the Christmas Melodrama show
5. Win the annual Gingerbread house contest
6. Walk down town and do all my Christmas shopping
7. Sit by the fire that Dan is going to make for me
8. Eat Muddy Buddies
9. Watch Christmas Story
10. Enjoy every festive Christmas commercial
11. Leave cookies for Santa on Christmas eve

What are you excited to do this Holiday Season?

Love, TAy


A couple of weeks ago Alex, Ben, Logan, and I went got some dinner and then went out to the straw maze. We didn't know it but after dark the straw maze become HAUNTED. We were in the maze for about an hour. Running around being chased by men in scary masks with chain saws (So not ok). We had lots of fun an luckily made it out of there alive:)

We just love each other so much.

Hey crew.

Alex + Ben

At every corner Logan and I were ready to punch whoever was about to jump out at us. They really should have been afraid of us.

Best picture of the night Logan and Alex...So random. Oh and this creepy guy.

We had lots of fun. Love couple date nights!!!

Love, TAy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is my Sister TANI. She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. She has always been there for me, to stand up for me, to love me, and to help make me a better person. Ever since I got married I have really appreciated my sisters presence in my life. She is a free spirit and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. I love you Tani and I want you to know that I miss you like crazy.

Tani has done my make up and styling ever since I was in high school. I am going to be so happy when someday she is famous and I can say that I was her first client.

Tani and her baby MILLA
Tani did my make up and hair for my wedding. Every detail was attended to because of her.

Tani's crazy offspring.

My beautiful Maid of Honor

The Girls

I love you Tani Girl. Thanks for being such a great big sister:)

Love, TAy

Friday, October 22, 2010

FRIday MovIE NighT

Tonight L0gan and I are going to "Nosferatu The Vampyre" It is a German film and we are super excited. The school shows numerous international films during the semester and we really like them. I hope it's scary!!!

Love, TAy

Monday, October 18, 2010


So one thing that most people probably don't know about me is my one weakness in life is the little italian pleasure, BRUSCHETTA. It is one of my favorite foods. I would eat it for dinner when I used to live at home. I love one specific type of quick and easy bruschetta mix that can only be found at Trader Joes. Since we do not have a Trader Joes in Idaho I just dream about it and eat boat loads when i go home for the Holidays. My mom decided to do something extra sweet for me. She bought some for me and sent it with my brother who was driving back to Idaho after a trip to California. He had to pack it up in a cooler so I owe him big time:) Anyways I couldn't wait to eat my favorite treat!

Easiest thing in the world to make. Only takes 3 ingredients

You drizzle your baguette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Then you spoon on the bruschetta mix

Cover with fresh parmesan cheese and bake for 10 minutes.

And then you have little toasty, tasty treats.

The perfect appetizer...or meal if you ask me!

Thanks Kimala and Sean for making my dreams come true!

Love, TAy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ouR NEST...Before

This was our Nest before. Logan was so wonderful to me sanding, priming, and painting pretty much all of our furniture. It was difficult, but we are so happy that we put so much work into the place we will be living for the next year. Because we put so much effort into our home we LOVE coming home to it and being together.

The cutie bedroom dresser, before it was very cutie

We did all our painting right outside our door. Pretty sure our neighbors thought we were crazy.

Logan sanding away.

That piece of furniture took awhile.

I am horrible at telling if things are centered or straight. So we got some painters tape to help us out a bit.

I started by buying DI's supply of vintage gold frames and then filled them with beautiful pictures that had some great color in them.

Then we just filled in the box easy as cake.

Bright Color is officially the way to go. We love it!

Love, TAy