Thursday, January 23, 2014

^^^Did the Homecoming 5k with Vanessa^^^

^^^Football with Logan^^^

^^^I cannot look at this picture without laughing^^^

^^^Just a couple of Lumberjacks having fun^^^

^^^Our windows got replace this winter^^^

^^^So happy to be watching soccer^^^

^^^Logan's birthday dinner^^^

^^^My first name plate for my office^^^

^^^Thanksgiving in Park City^^^

^^^Such a strong man tying my tree down^^^

^^^I developed a pie obsession over the Holidays^^^

^^^Love the sunset view from my living room^^^

^^^Temple Lights^^^

Although this last semester was challenging we were able to have a lot of fun. I ran my 2nd 5k with my friends and we kept going to every BYU sports even we could. We fell in love with BYU football and kept going to all of the Girls soccer games. We had a great Halloween were we came up with a couple of outfits, one being dressing up as each other and the second throwing together some lumberjack costumes. We spend Halloween night watching scary movies by candle light while eating a ton of candy. We celebrated Logan's 25th birthday in November and had a great time. We spend Thanksgiving in Park City with Logan's family and had a wonderful time eating a ton of food and playing with the kidlets. Logan and his brothers always have a mustache and eating competition for Thanksgiving. They all grow out gnarly mustaches and weigh themselves before and after the feast to see who can gain the most weight. This year Rick won with 7 POUNDS!
Christmas time is by far my favorite time of the year. I am always trying to play Christmas music in October and Logan has to hold me off for as long as he can. He is always very kind and goes with me to get a tree the day after Thanksgiving and then tried his best to enjoy all of my Christmas crazy that comes along with it. We picked out the perfect tree and had to rearrange our whole living room to make it fit:) I love the way that Provo feels around Christmas time. My cycling teacher played elf on the projector during out Christmas workouts. Lastly, Logan and I took some fun photo booth pictures for this years Christmas cards this year. We took these ones and then lined them up side by side for our family to enjoy. By December Logan had heard back from 5 medical schools. He has gotten into Midwestern in Arizona, Western in California, University of Arizona, USC, and UC Irvine. We still have not decided where we are going yet since we are still waiting to hear back from other schools, but we have never felt more blessed for the opportunities that our family has been provided with. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

 ^^^I made Logan send me of a picture of himself before his very first interview^^^

 ^^^My mom sent me home with some succulents, which I am obsessed with^^^

 ^^^While interviewing at USC and UC Irvine Logan found some time to hit up the happiest place on earth with Relda^^^

 ^^^Football craziness^^^

 ^^^Friends and BYU Football^^^

 ^^^We attended every BYU girls soccer game this season, even in the rain^^^

 ^^^Logan interviewed at the Mayo Clinic and became obsessed with the school^^^

 ^^^At the Industrial Sublime exhibit at the Moa^^^

 ^^^Taking a look at Lake Powell on our way to Logan's University of Arizona interview^^^

^^^Logan outside of the White House, while interviewing at Georgetown^^^

After our first couple of weeks in the semester things started to get crazy. I started working at LDS Family Services 20 hours a week while taking 18.5 credits in school and Logan was flying off every week for a different interview. It was such a stressful time because Logan had to miss multiple days of school in order to get to his interviews on time so as a result he spent all his time at home doing homework and trying to catch up. By the end Logan had received 12 interview invitations from all of the country and attended 8 of them. We were so luck to have so many wonderful people pick Logan up from the airport, take him to his interviews, feed him, and let him stay in their homes. I typically get nervous when Logan travels, but it was so comforting to know that he was being taken care of while he was away.
While Logan was gone every week I would spend my weekends cramming for school and hanging out with my wonderful friends. We would go to the football games, go to lunch, and watch movies. I did spend multiple Sunday night watch Pride and Prejudice trying to distract myself from missing Logan, but if you know anything about Jane Austen you would know that it was a failed attempt:) Logan and I have never felt more blessed for the wonderful opportunities that we have been provided with. It is amazing to see all of Logan's hard work pay off.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

 ^^^I seriously drool over this picture of Logan with Rocky on the beach^^^

 ^^^Giuseppes on a summer afternoon with my mom is a perfect day for me^^^

 ^^^Logan sent me this picture from the beach. He loves surfing first thing in the morning^^^

 ^^^First day of school picture. Goonies never say die^^^

 ^^^Just getting sonic shakes in my matching PJ set^^^

 ^^^Balloons at the Girls Soccer game^^^

^^^Students rushing the field after we beat the University of Utah in soccer^^^

^^^On our way to the first Football game of the season^^^

^^^The first football game got rained out and we got flooded^^^

^^^My cycling class that I loved last semester. So much fun^^^

So I know I know I am an awful good for nothin blogger. I blogged back in SEPTEMBER and it is currently January. Ekkk. But please forgive me and allow me to share some picture filled catch up posts about what has actually gone on in the last couple of months. After we spent a week in Florida we decided to go home for about 6 days and enjoy the last little bit of time before we went back to school. We went to the beach with the kidlets, ate awesome food, and hung out with our parents. When we got home we started taking advantage of our all sports passes and became crazy BYU sports fans:) The beginning of the semester was fun because the hard work hadn't completely set in so we had some time to enjoy ourselves and the last of the warm weather. At the beginning of the Fall semester Logan had just finished his primary and secondary applications for medical school so were just hanging out waiting for the interview invitations to come. We knew that the semester was going to get really crazy and hectic fast so I am happy that we got to spend  this time together enjoying our last fall in Utah:)