Sunday, August 16, 2015

Month 3

   Month 3 has been so much fun. This month Scout rode her first airplane to Arizona with Kimala and I for Brooklyn's wedding. She did amazing!!! She slept the entire time on the plane and had so much fun at all the wedding festivities. This month Logan got a jogging stroller and Scout actually really likes it. They go running together every night for about an hour. Scout usually spends that time sleeping or looking around at nature. She has been such a joy and is getting sooo big!

Has started wearing 3-6 month clothes already
Smiles at everything
Eats like a champion
Loves swimming in the pool and going to the beach
Started sleeping in a pack n play next to our bed. 
Coming out of her colicky phase
Loves snuggling with Daddy
Takes a binkie like a champ
Does fine when Mom goes to work
And loves meeting her new baby friends