Friday, October 22, 2010

FRIday MovIE NighT

Tonight L0gan and I are going to "Nosferatu The Vampyre" It is a German film and we are super excited. The school shows numerous international films during the semester and we really like them. I hope it's scary!!!

Love, TAy

Monday, October 18, 2010


So one thing that most people probably don't know about me is my one weakness in life is the little italian pleasure, BRUSCHETTA. It is one of my favorite foods. I would eat it for dinner when I used to live at home. I love one specific type of quick and easy bruschetta mix that can only be found at Trader Joes. Since we do not have a Trader Joes in Idaho I just dream about it and eat boat loads when i go home for the Holidays. My mom decided to do something extra sweet for me. She bought some for me and sent it with my brother who was driving back to Idaho after a trip to California. He had to pack it up in a cooler so I owe him big time:) Anyways I couldn't wait to eat my favorite treat!

Easiest thing in the world to make. Only takes 3 ingredients

You drizzle your baguette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Then you spoon on the bruschetta mix

Cover with fresh parmesan cheese and bake for 10 minutes.

And then you have little toasty, tasty treats.

The perfect appetizer...or meal if you ask me!

Thanks Kimala and Sean for making my dreams come true!

Love, TAy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ouR NEST...Before

This was our Nest before. Logan was so wonderful to me sanding, priming, and painting pretty much all of our furniture. It was difficult, but we are so happy that we put so much work into the place we will be living for the next year. Because we put so much effort into our home we LOVE coming home to it and being together.

The cutie bedroom dresser, before it was very cutie

We did all our painting right outside our door. Pretty sure our neighbors thought we were crazy.

Logan sanding away.

That piece of furniture took awhile.

I am horrible at telling if things are centered or straight. So we got some painters tape to help us out a bit.

I started by buying DI's supply of vintage gold frames and then filled them with beautiful pictures that had some great color in them.

Then we just filled in the box easy as cake.

Bright Color is officially the way to go. We love it!

Love, TAy

Our NEST...After

Moving to Rexburg and into our little apartment at Cambridge Court has been such an amazing experience. Our apartment isn't furnished so that forced us to be very creative with our little house. We got some great furniture from Logan's family and went to work on it. We sanded, primed, and painted for the first two weeks of being in Rexburg. But now it is done and we love our warm little nest:)

Coffee table center piece.

Picture wall

Mr. Owl lamp and I go way back he will be in our house forever.

I believe sunflowers make people happy.

Birdie key hooks.


Bookcase with all the books in the world.

Our tree shower curtain:)

Bedroom dresser

My mom sent me these knobs from California. Thanks Mom!

Colorful bed spread

Cutie ball lamps from IKEA and my jewelry hanger.

It is a work in progress, but we love our nest. White clean walls with bursts of color:)

Love, TAy


I love date night because I get to dress up, not cook dinner, and go see a movie. This was the night that we ate pizza, bought candy, and saw INCEPTION. I loved it. Whenever Logan and I go on dates I feel like we never stop laughing. Thanks for the dates Log!!!

Pictures always start out with someone testing the self timer.

Logan being cool.

We jumped in the air and I kicked Logan's hand with my cowboy boot.

Sitting in the car waiting for the movie.

Love our date nights they complete me!

Love, TAy

Friday, October 15, 2010

SEAsonal BouQUET

I am trying to embrace Fall so I thought it would be a good idea to bring it into our home. So on thursday afternoon Logan and I went to work...

We started by going to DI and getting a Jar for our bouquet.

We found the perfect little jar with a cutie house on it:)

We started by collecting sticks from that park.

Logan had to get the high branches for me because he is a wonderful husband.

A Bouquet!

I tied some raffia around it to keep it together.

Fall is here to stay in the Thomas house.
(Bouquet is compliments of this blog: check it out!)

Love, TAy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SOmething to thiNK abouT

"I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails. I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with grass stains on my shoes from mowing Sister Schenck's lawn. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbor's children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden. I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived."-Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Is this how you feel about life?
Love, TAy

weDDIng VIDeo

Here is our Wedding video. My super talented brother-in-law Milan was kind enought to make on for us. Logan and I watch it all the time because it reminds us just how magical marriage really is. Thank you Milan for doing our video it is amazing!!!

Love, TAy

Friday, October 8, 2010

MOVie wEEkends

It becomes more apparent by the day how wonderful my husband is. Logan is taking me to the movies tonight. For some reason I feel like I am in the movie ANNIE where they are going to the movies (does anyone know what I am talking about?) I love going to movies, but movies these days are so expensive. For two people to go to the movie it is about $20, not even counting dinner. Logan and I both agree that it would be absurd to spend that much money on a movie, so we go to the dollar theater! The movies take a little longer to get there, but it feels like Christmas when they finally do. Tonight Logan is taking me to see Inception. We both love action movies and Leonardo Dicaprio. Well maybe it's just me who loves Leo... I am so excited to snuggle up in the Theater with Logan. It is this kind of stuff that literally gets me through the week. Dollar Theater here I come!

Love, TAy


So it is raining again in the Metropolis of Rexburg. It is a Friday afternoon and Logan is getting sick. What an exciting start to the weekend. I am sitting in the crossroads right now waiting for work to start and all I want to be doing is sitting in one of those comfy chairs in a Starbucks Coffee shop somewhere. I love the smell of coffee and spicy cappuccinos. Unfortunately I can't visit one of these blissful coffee shops and divulge myself into my trashy People magazines because Rexburg doesn't have a coffee shop anywhere. I will just have to go buy a spicy candle and snuggle with Logan on the couch. The latter is sounding better by the minute:)

Love, TAy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CHIcken nOOdle SoUP

Now that the odd 80 degree weather has passed it is officially fall. Starting Monday the clouds came out and the dreary weather began. How do you combat dreary weather you might ask? With CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP. I decided to warm up the house by making chicken noodle soup with chicken, prosciutto, and parmesan cheese stuffed tortellinis. It was warm and delicious. We also cut up a rosemary baguette and dipped away. It was just what we needed on a cloudy fall day.

Love, TAy

Monday, October 4, 2010

WedDing, ReunION, COnference, PaRK City, and StAR WARsss

This past weekend Logan and I took a trip down to Utah. On Friday night I had a wedding reception to go to and he had his missionary reunion to attend. We split ways and reunited with old friends. The next day we went to Park City to see Logan's sister Nicole. It was so much fun spending time with her and her family. Then, on Sunday we went to temple square and watched the morning session of conference in the Tabernacle. I love that building and watching conference there was a special experience. We had a great weekend and are now back to work. Can't wait till the next road trip!

While in Utah we stayed with Logan's old missionary companion in SLC. His house is amazing they have some great art work and the house is so UniQuE. Here they used Covers of The New Yorker as Wall Paper.
They have an entire room that is tribal themed. This is my favorite piece of art in the house.
Best of all in this house is the Star Wars memorabilia
I love you Haun
I got to sleep next to these two
Yoda and I
This probably wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't such a nerd, but it was kind of the highlight of my weekend:)
This picture was taken on the way to Park City. I made Logan pull over and take a picture because I am obsessed with the color of the leaves.

Love, TAy