Monday, November 30, 2015

Tattoo Removal

   As I sat in my idling car outside the local tattoo parlor I clutched the seatbelt. I could feel my fingernails digging into the fabric as my breathing accelerated. I couldn’t figure out why I was having anxiety when I had been planning this for a year. I went over the design in my head of simple numbers and symbols that would create a date that I should never forget. A date that represented the day that I lost someone I loved. As my life progressed I found myself forgetting this day more often. I wanted a permanent reminder so I would never forget. However, before I knew it my car was in reverse and I was backing out of the abandoned parking lot. I think back to that day and feel that I would have regretted that tattoo. Not because its message was meaningless, but because I now have to work harder to remember my loved one, which has helped me heal from the loss I continually feel. Some individuals cherish their tattoos for the rest of their lives, while others regret them every time they glance at the permanent reminder on their bodies. 
   Fortunately laser tattoo removal is a solution for an unwanted tattoo. The tattoo is exposed to the laser causing the tattoo ink to breakdown and is removed by the body’s immune system. A few treatments result in the tattoos disappearance. It is my firm belief that as individuals we deserve the right to choose our path. Life is a complex and complicated maze of pure delights and tragic obstacles that occasionally result in inconsolable suffering. As human beings we constantly try to navigate this labyrinth with our limited knowledge. With life as difficult as it is it seems like a tender mercy to be able to minimize our regrets every once in while by creating a clean slate where a permanent regret once resided. 
   Even though I fishtailed out of that parking lot as a nervous 18 year old kid I wonder occasionally what would have happened if I hadn’t? When I do think about that I am comforted to know that even though a personal mistake would have been made I would have the opportunity to remove a permanent symbol of regret. In my mind as a society we owe each other that after everything we endure. 

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