Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pizza in the Park with my Sweet
This weekend Logan and I are on call for the Rape Crisis Team. So since Friday evening we have spent 10 hours at the hospital with victims. When we are on call we provide emotional support for victims of sexual assault. I have never been able to help people in this way before, it really is something to be able to sit with someone and feel their pain with them. It's is an amazing experience to be able to serve others with your spouse. Logan is so kind and compassionate. While at the hospital Logan went to get the victim a soda because she was thirsty. She then turned to me and said, "He's a good kid." I would have to agree with her. I am so grateful for Logan's presence in my life and for his willingness to serve.
After our 10 hours we were beat so we got a pizza and headed to the park. We then just ate and laughed as we told silly jokes and watched as the cars passed. I'm excited for tomorrow Logan and I are going to have a mini Santa Maria style BBQ for Sunday dinner. Hope the weekend treats you all well!

Love, Tay


  1. YOURE ALIVE! and how is my best friend so pretty. youre a dream. love you. miss you.

  2. What an awesome experience! That is so sweet!

  3. You guys are rockstars.. Always watchin out for others. Such an amazing couple. Miss you