Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week...
I have worn my new gray booties everyday
I have lost my ID card and almost lost Logan's ID card as well
I have been infuriated the Greys Anatomy did not air
I did 17 20 minute interviews in a row for my Summer and Fall internships
I said "pissed" in an interview
I have eaten a substantial amount of mint chip ice cream
I burst into tears in the Sonic parking lot
I have attended a Chemistry magic show
I have had to start evening prayers over 5 times because I couldn't stop laughing at Logan
I have officially decided that I hate it when people screen stalk you
I dressed up like a shark for Halloween
I have driven all the way to Winco to find out that they do not take credit cards (which is all I had)
I created a pumpkin farm on my front porch
I have been shedding hairs like a crazy dog...


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