Sunday, June 16, 2013

My date with Photo Booth:
Logan has been gone for about 4 days now. He took a trip to California with his brother to see his best friend before he moved to China for 2 years! Life without Logan is kind of boring, but my friends have helped to keep my busy. I spent the weekend eating Honey Bunches of Oats for every meal and laying out a Seven Peaks to work on my tan. I also strolled around the mall and found this little black maxi dress. I LOVE maxi dresses in the summer because they keep me cool and they are so cutie. I got this one at Forever 21 and am having a hard time taking it off! As for the rest of the weekend I have a copy of Les Mis and plan on belting out every single song until Mr. Thomas comes home. Sometimes I wonder what everyone else does when they are home alone for a long weekend... curious:)

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  1. Project time when your husband is gone! Its the perfect time to get lots done. Jesse has been gone and will be gone a lot but i guess i do have 2 little ones. Lets see you can read lots, and hang out with friends. Hope you find stuff to keep you entertained. =) Just be thankful he isn't gone for months at a time =)