Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yes, I am blogging about Thanksgiving after not only Christmas, but New Years as well. This Thanksgiving was our first not at home. We decided to stay in Provo since the school break was so short and we wanted to get some rest. My brother Sean came down with his wife Rachel and their son Mckay. I really lucked out this Thanksgiving because even though I was hosting, I was at ease because my brother the chef was coming to town. He helped me with everything and left my wondering why everyone makes Thanksgiving dinner sound so intimidating. I am sure I will find out when I am left without his aid in the future. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed being together.
Logan and I are back from our Christmas break in California and are back in school. School started on Monday and I know this sounds bad, but I was not ready to come back. However, it has started and we will rise and meet the challenging semester ahead:) I am taking Zumba this semester and I had my first class today. Lets start with the fact that my teach is 40, seven months pregnant, and in the best possible shape imaginable. It's official I have a girl crush on my zumba instructor and will strive everyday to become like her! haha Happy Tuesday.



  1. hahah loved your explanation of your teacher. cute thanksgiving photos! blog more!! miss you!

  2. I need a new post soon :) love your face!