Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 ^^^Airport pics were obviously necessary^^^

 ^^^The boys were always swimming, playing baseball, running, or trying to catch crabs^^^

 ^^^Logan and I were reading constantly on this trip^^^

 ^^^Hushpuppies and frog legs. Everything in that meal was fried^^^

 ^^^The Rees girls driving the boat^^^

 ^^^They obviously found lots of things to jump off of^^^

 ^^^Logan caught, cooked, and ate his crab^^^

 ^^^The Grove was an everyday pit stop, because who doesn't need an absurd amount of ice cream^^^

^^^Here it is the first fish I ever caught. We have rule that if we catch anything we have to eat it. My fish looks little, but he put up a fight!^^^

I guess I am not completely done catching up on pictures. I forgot about all of the photos on my phone from our Florida trip. So here is our trip according to my iPhone:)

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