Sunday, April 6, 2014

   I turned 25 this month and holy cow was it a good one. The day started off with classes of course, but Logan made me crepes in the morning stuffed with strawberries and whipped cream which totally made everything better:) He dropped me off at school and my friends made me a cake and sang to me. After I classes I went to Yoga and thanked my body for all of the things that it does for me. I went home and Logan gave me my birthday present. He gave me a yoga mat that I have been dying to get. Then we drove up to Murray and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. I seriously ate my weight in food and I was not even mad about it. Then we got our cheesecakes to go and ate them in bed when we got home. It was a really good day full of love from Mr. Thomas and lots of happy wishes from family and friends.
   So far in my life I have never even thought about my age in a negative way. To tell you the truth I never even really thought about my age period. But this year I had some thoughts. When I woke up to Logan snuggling me and singing to me quietly I thought "holy @#$% I am old!" All of you that are older than me are thinking "Taylor! Don't be silly you are 25! Your  still a baby!" to which I would respond "I know, but I still feel old all of the sudden." I always thought that age was a wonderful thing and as I aged I would embrace my wrinkles, wisdom, and changing body with open arms. But guess what folks, I think I am a little hesitant of that approach now:) The fact is that on my birthday I really had to think about my life, my age, and what is really important. The fact is that I am going to age and my insecurities in terms of my age will ebb and flow over time. But for now I am going to enjoy the fact that I can eat cake for lunch and cheesecake for dessert not think twice about it. Age brings a lot of things with it. I plan on enjoying the good stuff and dealing with the rest. So for now I am happy to be 25:)

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