Thursday, October 16, 2014

Still trying to catch up here, so if you would please be patient;) Logan has started medical school at UC Irvine and has been doing wonderfully, but before he started school we were able to attend his White Coat Ceremony. It was a great day because Kimala, Relda, and Rick all decided to come down for the ceremony. I have watched and supported Logan as he has worked like crazy to apply for medical school. This included getting straight As every semester, studying sometimes from 6am to 10pm for the MCAT, lining up numerous extra curricular activities and every other absurd thing they require you to do to get into Medical School. Now he has gotten in and is about to embark on another absurd journey to becoming a doctor which similar is jam packed with good grades, endless studying, sleepless nights in the hospital, exams, and then applying for a residency. We both know that this is his path and are committed to it no matter how difficult it might be. But I loved the White Coat Ceremony because it gave every one an opportunity to take pause and recognize and celebrate all of the hard work that has gone into just getting to the point of starting medical school. It was an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on who Logan is as a person and everything that he has accomplished so far. I am so proud of Logan for working towards such a nobel profession and never giving up.  Now that the medical school journey has begun we are taking it one day at a time;)


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