Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again. The time that Logan and I try to come up with some festive way to take our Christmas pictures. This year we thought it would be funny to integrate fake snow since this is our first Christmas not living in a place with real snow. So this is the concept that we came up with. But no one ever tells you how tricky it is to throw something in a picture without it hiding your face or making you look crazy. However, we had a nice time taking our pictures with the help of our friend Dean;)
    I am a bit of a Christmas nut. I was an anxious mess until we finally got our Christmas tree and put it up in the house. I wasn't feeling well so Logan put up the tree and decorated the whole house for me. I keep the tree plugged in 24/7 and am always blaring The Carpenters or Mannheim Steamrollers. We only have another week and half until we go home to SLO to celebrate Christmas with our families. We are really going to enjoy this trip because soon I won't be able to travel anymore as the due date approaches. We are just so excited that in a few short months our baby girl will be here with us! Enjoy our Holiday photo shoot!!!


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