Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scout's 1st Birthday Party

Photo Cred: Spencer Leonardo

Scout's 1st Birthday party!!
Scout's birthday was so much fun. My mom came into town along with other family and our friends. We woke up and spent the morning at our favorite bakery and then we headed out to Cafe Rio and Scout destroyed the place! She ate so much food we were amazed. Then we ended up at the beach and Scout had a great time. Logan and Scout played by the water and dug a giant hole that she decided she wanted to live in. Then we had just enough time to come home and brush the sand off of ourselves before the party started. It was small and perfect. We had family and friends there and Scout ate an entire cake with strawberry whipped cream. I was worried that she would be hesitant and not know what to do with that, but apparently that was not an issue. Then Logan helped her open her presents and she got books, toys, and lots of things to put in her mouth. She had an amazing day and Logan and I were in awe of how big she has gotten. She is becoming a little girl and we are so excited to continue to watch her grow. We love you Scouty Babe! 

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