Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glimpse of a Honeymoon

Logan and I spent our honeymoon in Kauai. We hiked to secluded beaches, jumped off of water falls, swam in the ocean, laid on the beach, found deserted houses in the jungle, visited the Napali Coast, drank out of coconuts, and toured an amazing Lighthouse.
We had an amazing time in the sun, smiling, kissing, laughing, and living a care free life in Kauai. We are pretty much obsessed with Kauai. We decided it is like Uganda with beaches so of course we love it.

I saw this bumper sticker on a car in Hanali. I loved it.

Dry caves are awesome and super creepy.

We found an abandoned house in the middle of the jungle. Its so cutie I am in love with it.

The Napali Coast is Brilliant.

Logan in my little tree ninja.

Kipu Falls. A beautiful waterfall and a crazy tree to swing off of.

The lighthouse is the Northern most point of Kauai. It was beautiful.

We hiked down to a nudey beach. Behind those rocks are two old naked women. We love Kauai!!!


Queens Bath a crazy natural pool.

This is a sign marking how many people have died at Queens Bath.

Our View in Kauai.

Love, TAy

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  1. I'm loving your recent blog postings, but you havent returned any of my texts. Dont make me be mad at you.