Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day PARTY

Logan and I are currently the Activities Coordinators in our ward. So we were in charge of throwing the Valentines Day party. With the help of all of our fellow planners we decorated the church, decorated cards for our sweet hearts, played the newlywed game, ate so many sweets we thought we were going to die, and had a dance party. I made these special shirts for us to wear the the party so we could be extra festive. Nothing too fancy just a couple of red shirts from Walmart, a heart stencil, and a can of white spray paint. Unfortunately we had to leave them outside because they stunk so bad and we were getting a little high...shhhhh. The party was super fun and we had about 70 people there. I was just happy that everyone could witness my interpretive dance to a Journey song. oh jeez. Thanks to everyone that helped!!!! Happy Valentines Day. After school and work Logan and I are driving to Park City to go Snowboarding with his parents and Family. Can't wait!!!! Have a Great Weekend:)

Love, Tay

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  1. Hey there Taylor! This is Becca's friend Brittany and I'm being a total blog creeper/hopper right now, but I just had to say you and your husband are adorable and I might just have to become a follower! :) oh I also have TONS more photos of you from the shoot so if you want them letme know and I can email them over!