Thursday, January 26, 2012

It has started to snow in Provo. We have gone from September to January with no real snow fall, but it has started up. Of course Logan and I think it's nothing since we spent out last winter in Rexburg Idaho, but the snow is slowly moving along.Winter has always been my least favorite season, actually I don't really like any of them with the exception of Summer. Summer is my season. My mom has always said that I worship the sun and get depressed when it is not around. She is right I love the sun. I love laying on the beach soaking up all the sunlight I possibly can. I know it is only January, but summer time doesn't seem that far away. I am very excited for the year of 2012 I think it holds a lot of opportunities for growth and progress. Here is to 2012 and the snow!

Love, Tay

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