Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Total shout out to my Stacey Girl! Tonight Logan needed the car to pick up a friend from the SLC airport and I was stuck at work for a presentation till 10pm. I didn't have a ride home so Stacey drove to my office and picked me up! Then she bought me a chocolate milk shake. I am so luck to have a great friend. Thanks Stace!!!

Love, Tay


  1. i'm glad you have good friends like that who take care of you :) although, i'm still trying to grasp the concept that i'm not your only friend in this world. hahaha i am so selfish. and you are such a babe.

  2. Tay your hair Is SOOOOOOO LONG.. NO JOKE I love it kid. I miss you I huge out with Devine today it was nice. So here is to making friends DO IT TO I LOVE YOU AND THOUGHT CAPS WOULD TELL YOU JUST HOW MUCH>

  3. wow you are just gorgeous. LOVE the hair!