Monday, April 16, 2012

I borrowed this picture of Mckay from Sean and Rach. Doesn't he look charming in his little suspenders?
This weekend was eventful and slow. I was so exhausted from the last work week that Logan and I spent a lot of time on our pull out mattress on the living room floor watching movie after movie. Even though Logan has finals he still finds time to lay with me on the floor and relax. I only have a month and a half left until we jet over to Africa and the work is pilling up. I have to clean and organize our house so that moving will be a bit easier. Then we have to pack everything into storage and get ready for our trip. It is going to be crazy for the next little while.
This weekend Logan is going down to Zions National Park for a boys camping trip. I will be in Provo Car-less so if you wanna hang give me a call:) Hope you all have a happy Monday!

Love, Tay


  1. I think you should just fly to Phoenix instead and we'll have a girls weekend :) wouldn't that be nice.....

  2. So nice! Lets do it. I'll use my tuition money for Grad School. hah