Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For our first weekend in Ethiopia we decided to make the one hour drive to the crazy capitol of Addis Ababa and see some of the wild life and history of the country. We took a taxi which seats about 10 and jammed in 18 people. Here in Ethiopia space and boundaries are a foreign concept, so you usually go everywhere with someone practically sitting on your lap. When we got to Addis we went to see the lions and monkeys! There were so big and amazing. We wondered around looking at all the animals and decided to go the the History Museum next. The museum is rich with Ethiopia culture which was greatly influenced by the Italians. It was pretty amusing to see all of the artifacts, because everything has just recently been returned to the country of Ethiopia. When the Italians came to Ethiopia they stayed for about 7 years and when they left they decided to take a great many things with them. About 1970 was when they decided it would be appropriate to return them to the Ethiopia government. However, Italy did contribute many things to Ethiopia like cappuccino, pasta, pizza, french bread, and the parting term Cao! The capitol is a crazy place with tons of traffic, markets, and people. It is pretty overwhelming and I have to say I am glad that we get to go back to our little town on a road called Debre Zeit. More pictures to come soon!

Love, Tay

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