Friday, July 27, 2012

Logan and I had a wonderful opportunity to teach English at a private school to a group of 10 year olds. We had never taught English before so we had some fun planning sessions for our lessons. For some reason I thought that since I spoke English really well that it would be cake to teach it, but it was a little more complicated then that. The class was quiet for the first couple of lessons, but after a while they really warmed up to us. We had to start threatening to send them outside if they did not stop chatting with their neighbors. The kids were so willing to learn and we had a great time. Till the next Ethiopian blog post. Eshi Chow!

Love, Tay


  1. So cute! Sounds amazing! So glad I came across your blog today :)

  2. this is amazing tay! its a dream to teach those precious children. love all your adventures. cant wait to see you soon. love you!