Friday, August 3, 2012

Food in Ethiopia

One of the things we love most about traveling is immersing ourselves in a different culture. Traditional food is a huge part of Ethiopian culture. The most common food in Ethiopia is Njera. Njera is like a big pancake/crepe. It is made out of Tef and left to ferment until it has a strong bitter taste. They take rolls of Njera and layer it on the plate. Then they bring sauces called Wat. There are lots of different kinds of wat. Most of them are super spicey. Once you have your wat placed on top of your Njera you break of parts of Njera and mop up the wat and enjoy! In Ethiopia it is traditional to eat with your hands. So they come around and wash your hands before and after the meal.
When Logan lived in Ethiopia three years ago he was very close with a lady named Yeshi. She loved to feed the missionaries and showed them so much love. While in Ethiopia we went to Yeshi's house and she feed us until we thought we were going to POP! She is such a sweet wonderful woman.

Love, Tay

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