Monday, August 20, 2012

Logan and I were so excited about our little vacation to Rwanda and Uganda. We arrived in Kigali Rwanda at 2:30am. An awesome couple that we know picked us up and let us crash at their house for a couple of days. On our first day in Rwanda we headed over to the Kigali Memorial Center. It is museum that is dedicated the victims of the Rwandan Genocide. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get through. The museum is very educational and powerful. That night we decided to go have dinner at the Mille Colline for dinner. The Mille Colline was featured in the movie "Hotel Rwanda". We had dinner by the pool and it seriously felt like a scene out of the movie.
The next morning we got on a bus for a 6 hour ride to Southern Uganda. The ride was pretty crazy and we thought that we were going to run off the road a couple of times, but we made it safely to Uganda. We have family friends that are living in Uganda right now so they picked us up at the bus stop and took us out for some food. We went to this little restaurant that is run by a Swedish woman and her five cutie kids. We had a great time and ate ourselves silly. The next day we drove to one of my favorite towns in Uganda, Jinja! We stayed in this little place called two friends. Logan and I were so excited because there was a TV in our room!!! We hadn't watched TV in months so we were jumping on the bed with excitement. More of Uganda to come!!!

Love, Tay

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  1. Okay I'm sorry I've been a bum and not commented on anything but I am loving all of your posts! I am trying to find a time for us this next year to go to Africa sometime, but if that never ends up happening, I'm glad I can live through your posts! I've always wanted to go to Uganda and can't wait to see more photos.