Saturday, October 13, 2012

Logan is the president of the Cancer Awareness Group for BYU campus. Every year in the homecoming parade the CAG group has a float. Logan organized it all and got the truck looking super cutie with a balloons and posters. We had a couple of volunteers dress up in our tigger and shark costumes. The kids LOVED Tigger, which is no surprise. I was taking pictures of the crowd when I spotted non other then Stephanie Nielson from Nie Nie Dialogues. I spotted her, her husband, their kids, and the new cutie baby. I was suuuuuper star struck. Then I saw the cutest old man playing with his dog on his lawn. His white socks were sticking out and he looked like the character from UP! After the parade we got tickets to Divine Comedy on campus. And we took a self timer pic!!!


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  1. 1. youre a total babe. 2. way to go logan!! 3. your apartment is looking SO GOOD! love what youve done with the place... compared to when i last saw it:) 4. i love you. 5. ...ya, i love you.