Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am married to the most frugal man alive. Last night Logan was sifting through our mail and found a bunch of coupons that I would usually throw away without looking at. He found a coupon for a free hamburger from A&W. He sent in the required text messages and there we had a little text message for free dinner. We went after school today and demolished those hamburgers. This is the aftermath, believe me it was not pretty.
While at A&W we saw a dad about ready to kill his sons for jumping around the restaurant and laying on the floor AND we witnessed a man almost have a heart attack over how long it was taking to get his food. He was saying things like, "If we were at Wendy's we would have already gotten our food and eaten it by now." As Logan and I were sitting there I realized how easy it was for us to judge these people for their negative energy and behavior, but then I started thinking, "What is going on in their lives that is causing them to react this way in a fast food restaurant?" It is easy to judge people, but much harder to see what is really going on inside. Can you tell I am being trained to be a therapist? It really is obvious isn't it?


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