Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baby Shower

 ^My sister being awesome and rolling me.

 ^Our friend Lori made this amazing stork and brought it to the shower.

 ^29 weeks at this point!

   While I was home for Christmas I was lucky enough to have an amazing baby shower thrown for my by my mom and my sisters Tani and Rachel. By the way we can thank Rachel for all of these pictures because she had the foresight  to pick up the camera and snap some pictures so we could remember this cutie occasion. My mom was amazing and made some delicious brunch foods and filled the house with gold accents and my neighbor Juleen made three amazing floral arrangements with my favorite flowers. It was such a special day because I was surrounded by so many people that I love so much and together we celebrated the coming of this little girl that means that world to both Logan and I.
   The prospect of becoming a parent is so incredible scary that sometimes I get bogged down in all of the "what ifs." "What if I am not a good enough mom?" "What if I cannot keep her safe?" "What if what if what if?!?!" But then there are these moments or glimpses of clarity when I look around at all of these important people in my life and I think to myself how lucky this baby is to be born into a situation where she will be loved unconditionally by so many. I cannot even express how grateful I am for my family and friends and for the out pouring of love that they have already given our daughter. It is when these moments come that I stop asking the "what if" questions and take comfort in how lucky we really are. People are constantly asking me, "Are you ready to have this baby?" To them I respond "I don't think anyone is every completely ready to have a baby, but man are we excited to try!" Logan and I are not perfect people, we do not have a perfect marriage and I know that we will not be perfect parents. But the thing is I know that we can do this because of the love that we have for each other and for this little girl.
    So here is to having a baby and having no idea what we are in for! CHEERS!!!

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