Friday, June 25, 2010

BYE BYE Jamie, Patrick, and Conner Boy!

My sister Jamie lives in Rexburg with her husband Patrick and their CUTIE little boy Conner. Unfortunately they are moving to away from Rexburg and it makes me sad. The day before they were moving they needed someone to watch Conner so they could pack, clean, and pack their truck. Conner and I went to the park and back to my place for a bit. We had some fun spending one last day together in Rexburg.

He is a smiling boy....

Love Him:)

The night before they left town we all got together to have some Lasagna and say goodbye. When I first came up to college I realized how important it was to have family around. I am so lucky to have people that love me and will help me whenever I need them. I will miss you Jamie, Patrick, and Conner Boy!


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