Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November. Logan and I woke up this morning to pouring rain. That made it so much harder to get to the gym by 7:00am. October has come and gone along with Halloween and November is here. November is going to be a busy month with Logan's BIRTHDAY, which is on the 11th. I think I am more excited then he is. Also Kimala is coming for the week of Thanksgiving. She is such a good momma. She is coming to Utah so that we can still have our mom's Thanksgiving food and because my dad is going to be at a Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving day. I am super excited to spend some time with her and eat myself silly. I think it is going to start getting colder now, which I am not super mad about, but then again I'm not particularly happy either. But I do have a confession this morning at the gym I was listening to Christmas music on my Ipod. Christmas is the one thing that makes the winter season better. I know I am ahead of the game, but I am a nut so it's cool. Tonight Logan and I will be crashing an institute potluck. We love free food! Well enjoy November!
I am Grateful for:
Hot cocoa
Chemistry magic shows
Warm Ugg Boots
Big warm quilts
Logan's help on cleaning day
Laying in my bed with no where to go
When Log tucks me in when I feel sickly
My mini fridge at work
Colored leaves
A sister that talks to me when I am sad
My home that Log and I have created
Dollar Movies
Hot fudge...and more Hot fudge
Books the let me escape reality for a whole lunch hour
Logan's passion for life

What are your grateful for?
Love, Tay


  1. "hot fudge...and more hot fudge." haha lines like that explain why i love taylor thomas!

  2. Haha oh jordan I can hear your voice reading all these posts, so cute. I love that you love frank Sinatra as much as my husband. I am also grateful for help on cleaning day, along with home made bread, sour balls (the red ones), corn dogs, cottage cheese, when ray tells estranged stories to our unborn child,singing at the top of my lungs to Lady gaga till my voice cracks, and when the candy drawer is full at work. Ok, so I really love food right now... haha sick.