Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last night Logan and I went to a costume party at the haunted mansion! We ate lots of spooky food and played some games. We dressed up as indians and Logan did all of his own face paint. Doesn't he look cute? We played a game called the carrot game. It is super fast, fun, and messy. The point of the game is to get ride of your carrot by peeling or eating it. However you can't do either of those things if your candle isn't let. So basically the whole time you are trying to blow out the other persons candle and because you are eating a carrot at the same time you are spitting carrot everywhere. It is a super fun game and I won my match with Logan. I am a competitor and I come to win! We also told scary stories in the dark by candle light. Last night was super fun, but I am excited for a quiet night with Logan. We are going to get some food see a movie and try and keep warm, because it's like 40 degrees here now! Have a spooky and safe weekend!

Love, Tay

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  1. Good girl and i wanted you to know i have the pics. up of milla for you love you.