Monday, January 31, 2011

SLeeP OveR

Friday night Logan and I attended Sleep overs. haha I know it sounds silly but we had such a great time. So we have these friends, Jason and Jenna, and Andrew and Megan and we hang out all the time. The boys are always wanting to play video games and us girls are always wanting to talk, and watch movies. So we decided to have a slumber party weekend. Friday night we split up all the girls at Jason and Jenna's and all the boys at our house. The boys ran around, ate pizza, and played video games all night and we talked for hours, watched an Angelina Jolie movie, ate all the sugar and treats you can imagine, and painted our nails. The night was a success when we all passed out at about 3am. I am not going to lie we all felt a little old the next day when it was hard to move around due to staying up so late. It was so fun and I came to the conclusion that no matter how wonderful your husband is every once in a while you just need a little girl time:)

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Love, Tay

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