Sunday, January 16, 2011

TIE Time

For church today I decided I would wear a tie. Men wear ties all the time and I have always seen ties as a symbol of power, so I decided it was time I shared some of that power. As we walked into church today I got some interesting looks. I could tell most people had never seen a woman wear a tie before, but that is ok because I don't think I have either really. Logan said that out of all the people wearing ties in the room I was the best looking:) I am not trying to be a shining billboard for Feminism, but I am an equality feminist so I suppose it's good that I represent. All in all my first tie day was successful. Logan was nice enough to tie it for me because I am so not advanced enough for that. I told him that I am going to wear a tie for every big even in my life. Graduation, the publishing of my first book... haha we will see about that. Ladies you should try that tie, it's kind of empowering:)

Love, Tay


  1. one thing i've always admired about you is that you don't care if people think you're weird or different- you're just YOU all the time- the same person around everyone. thats a huge strength of yours!

  2. you look gorgeous in a tie and I think ties rock on women equally as they do on men - plus, you can find some really cute ties...Can't wait to see even more pictures of youi n ties -
    Love, Dianne