Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2014 Summer Recap

Please prepare yourself for the largest photo dump there ever was...

 ^^^We were so lucky to be able to play with these little ones and get in some practice;)

 ^^^We obviously lived at the beach and Logan perfected the art of spear fishing.

                                                                        ^^^Here we were celebrating my job offer from LDS Family Services

 ^^^Kimala and I enjoyed a couple matinee movies together.

 ^^^My parents got us tickets to a Dodger game!

 ^^^At the end of the night you go onto the grass and watch the fireworks show. Logan was obsessed with the grass and decided to lay down for a better view.

 ^^^Just a few images that represent some of the things I love best about being home.

 ^^^We took  day trip to San Francisco and we were not going to take any chances with our car;)

 ^^^We spent the afternoon at the museum admiring the "Gorgeous Exhibit"

 ^^^And then we ate! Bubba Gumps, Boudines, and Ghiradelli baby.

 ^^^We spent the fourth of July at a friend's party and had an amazing time with family.

^^^Our friends Erik and Emily came to visit and needless to say we had a blast showing them around SLO and doing all of our favorite activities.

 ^^^Here is Emily climbing through a creepy tunnel on our night hike.

^^^The sand dunes are always a must.

^^^Enjoying the sunset at our favorite spot.

 ^^^And of course beaching it up.

 ^^^And of course you can't leave SLO without hitting up the drive in with some Fattes Pizza.

 ^^^Hanging out in Bubble Gum Alley at Farmers Market.

 ^^^At the end of the week we headed down to Emily's hometown in Glendora and ate some of the best donuts we have ever had!

^^^Celebrating Kimala's birthday


 ^^^After we moved down to Irvine we took a day trip down to San Diego where Logan surfed all morning at a nudist beach and then we spent the night listening to our good friend Jack Johnson.

So here I sit patiently awaiting the arrival of our little girl. Oh wait, did I say patiently? I feel like I don't even know what that word means anymore. I am so not being patient! I want her to come out right now. So as a result I am occupying my mind by making homemade biscuits, whipping down the kitchen counters like a thousand times, and reviewing all our photos from the last year. While I was scrolling through my photo library I realized that there is like a 3 month gap where I did not blog any pictures from our summer! So although I try not go go back in time and blog about things because it makes the whole chronological thing mute I am doing it anyways because I want to remember our last summer together before we found out that I was pregnant and our lives instantly changed:) So here it is! After we graduated from BYU we took our amazing vacation to Hawaii and then we moved home to live with Kimala and Dan in SLO until we found a place in Irvine to live. We stayed there for about 6 weeks and honestly had a blast. We hung out with our family, went to a Dodger game, took a tip up for San Francisco, played with our friends Erik and Emily and enjoyed our freedom before Logan started medical school and I started my new job and a crazy pregnancy! Enjoy all ten thousand pictures!

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  1. You guys are the cutest. I miss all my girls. I can't wait to meet the newest edition to the clan. Love you sister.