Saturday, March 14, 2015

Maternity Pictures

When we were home for the Christmas break my sister Tani and I decided that we should do a little maternity shoot so I could remember this first pregnancy and how special it has been for me. Pregnancy has been such an intense journey for our family. When Logan and I decided that it was time to start our family we were surprised when we ran into some issues that ended up making it very difficult. The next year turned out to be one of the biggest struggles that we have experienced. The frustration every month coupled with the feeling that I was incapable of doing something that every woman "should" be able to do was heart breaking at times. When we found out I was pregnant it was one of the sweetest moments of my life. I came out of the bathroom crying and Logan assumed it was bad news again so he opened up the covers of our bed and invited me to come and snuggle with him. I then held up the test and once he saw it he took me into his arms and said, "you did it Tay! you deserve this." After we cried and celebrated together I ran upstairs to my parents room (where we were staying) and jumped in their bed with the test in my hand and did some more crying with my mom.  So at that point even though the pregnancy has been very hard physically, mentally, and emotionally I am so grateful for the opportunity to create this little girl and to hopefully soon bring her into the world. These pictures are just some sweet moments that make me feel close to little girl and realize how lucky I am to have her presence in my life. These photos were taken by Krissy Bellisario and styled by Tani Vrajich.

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