Friday, March 6, 2015

Life Lately

 ^^^Bought a new car this month!

 ^^^Logan assembled all of little girl's accessories

 ^^^Whenever it is sunny we are at the beach. Logan surfs and I just lay in the sun

 ^^^My mom thinks these pictures are weird because I look naked, but I don't mind because I freakin love being naked.

 ^^^Got to go home to SLO one last time and Kimala decided to spoil little girl with some cutie dresses

 ^^^35 Weeks

 ^^^36 Weeks

 ^^^37 Weeks

^^^We sold Robin this week. It was an emotional experience and I miss her already:(

How far along are you? 37 Weeks
How am I feeling? I am feeling ok. I am reaching that point where I would really like to not be pregnant anymore. haha I am having lots of Braxton Hicks and am pretty tired all the time. I am still working everyday so that is nice that I have to get out of the house, but after about two clients I am completely exhausted. Logan and I have pretty much got everything together in case she comes early so now we are just waiting!
Total weight gain?  18 pounds now. My weight gain has slowed down so I will probably only gain a few more pounds before she makes her big enterance.
How big is baby? According to The Pregnancy Center the babe is now 6.5 pounds and the size of a winter melon. She is growing a lot and feels like a little giant in my stomach some times. She is running out of space at this point and most of her movements now are her shifting or stretching out her legs into my ribs. She also loves to poke out her booty all night which I am hoping is not a foreshadow for her:)
Maternity Clothes? I wear nice stretchy dresses for work and then lots of leggings at home. Just keeping it comfortable right now. 
Stretch Marks? Started getting a couple more in the last few weeks. It is really interesting because a first they weirded me out, but now it has become one of those accepted realities. It truly amazes me what my body can do and how it adapts to grow another human being. So as a result they aren't bothering me to much.
Sleep? It's pretty funny when you are this pregnant every person who has had a baby is telling you to sleep as much as you can, and I would if I could, but it is so hard these days. I wake up every 45 minutes to pee or roll over because my hips ache or just lay there completely restless because I have developed insomnia. I really try to sleep but sometimes its is just not in the cards.
Best moment of the week? The best moment of this week was probably when Logan and I were talking about our little girl and what she was going to be like and finally deciding on her middle name. I love talking to Logan about her because his face lights up and we make all these "plans" for her life.
Food cravings? Mainly coke, sweets, and strawberries. I have started to nest, but in a funny way where I just want to bake all the time. It would be more helpful if I had motivation to clean my house, but that is just not my path I guess.
Food aversions? Not really. The only ones I can think of are Chicken and Jamba juice. Logan has been really great about feeding me whatever sounds good at the time.
Belly button in or out? In and out? If I laugh it shoots out. But if I am in a resting state it settles back in there. Kind of a weird visual, but Logan gets a kick out of it.
What I miss? Sushi, caesar salad, yoga, going to the gym, and being able to bend over to shave my legs.
What I'm looking forward to? I am so excited to go through the adventure of labor and delivery with Logan. There is literally nothing more exciting to me then spontaneously going into labor. I am excited for the experience and to go through it with Logan. He is such a strength to me and I know that we will never forget this experience. 

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