Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Alex, Ben, Logan, and I went got some dinner and then went out to the straw maze. We didn't know it but after dark the straw maze become HAUNTED. We were in the maze for about an hour. Running around being chased by men in scary masks with chain saws (So not ok). We had lots of fun an luckily made it out of there alive:)

We just love each other so much.

Hey crew.

Alex + Ben

At every corner Logan and I were ready to punch whoever was about to jump out at us. They really should have been afraid of us.

Best picture of the night Logan and Alex...So random. Oh and this creepy guy.

We had lots of fun. Love couple date nights!!!

Love, TAy


  1. sooooo fun. can't wait til i get to go on couple date night with you guys. only about 5 more years!!!

  2. I wish i was there milan would have loved to go. Can't wait to see you. We should do the maze at avila vally barns if it is still up. You have to call me funny story about mom and big guy.

  3. Tani I have the best idea ever. MOVE TO REXBURG and we can go on couple dates like every nigh!!!!
    Brooke 5 years? Whatever. I am going to marry you! Your mine!!!!