Sunday, November 28, 2010


So every winter I get obsessed with a new coat. The coat of 2010 is from UrbanOutfitters of course. I am obsessed with it because you can wear it anywhere. I have dressy coats and casual snowboarding coats, but I think this one bridges the gap!!! It is the perfect khaki color and has a sherpa lining. It can go over jeans and flats or you can even wear it to church. I have been stalking this coat since September. Logan makes fun of me because I check the Outerwear section of Urban everyday to see if it is on sale yet. Oh Khaki coat I love you so much and dream of one day making you mine.

Love, TAy

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  1. Hey! I found this coat that looks exactly the same its not from Urban Outfitters but its less than half the price! This old woman looks happy in it,B001F00ZAO,B0026JQ5IE,B004G0WS9Q,B001W2UHX0,B0047XVCKI,B0013VJ38U,B0038OZMN0,B003XBRJLQ,B002ZG7L0O,B002KG6GNC,B002F9MMHI,B003UGMCIE,B001NU51UA,B00361FLSQ,B000UU6B94,B003VR4TX8,B003UGFA9C,B002N2VPNY,B004CX06L4,B004FK63IY,B004CX4IV8,B0046D2YFG,B0040DTHOI