Wednesday, November 10, 2010

kEEping wARm

So in Rexburg it is snowing and I mean snowing. Logan and I decided not to turn on our heat until Thanksgiving so that we would have something to be thankful for... and it's expensive. So our apartment has been a little chilly to say the least. Last night we were making homemade pizza and as I took the pizza out and turned off the oven Logan and I just stood next to the open oven with our hands out soaking up all the warmth. You know it's cold when you are both hovering over the oven trying to defrost your bodies. We both just started laughing at what we were doing. Being newly married is hard sometimes, but when you have moments like this together it all just seems worth it. Logan I wouldn't trade our oven time for anything in the world.

Love, TAy

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  1. Cute little moments like that are TOTALLY worth it and life is always good if you can laugh about it.