Friday, November 19, 2010

BreaK StartS NoW!!!

Thanksgiving break starts today after school. Logan and I are driving to Utah tonight after I get off work at 4pm. I am sooo excited. I love road trips with Logan. We laugh, we sing, we dance, and we eat! I know the drive is long about 17 hours from Idaho to California, but I don't care. We are very excited to spend time with our families. Logan wants to see his mom, hang out with his friends, and go surfing. I am all my mom and Tani all the time:) We are so thankful for our families and for the love and support that they continually give us. We are so excited to see you all we can't even stand it! See you tomorrow fam!

Love, TAy

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  1. ya!!!!!! so happy/excited for you!! you can turn your heat on!! :) have so much fun and be safe. i love you. and im grateful for you :)