Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday DAY Gifts

Today March 13th 2011 is my 22nd birthday. It has been such a good day so far. I was woken up with Breakfast in bed, which consisted of cinnamon rolls and orange juice (more details and pics to come). But these were the GREAT gifts that I received today.

One of my best friends Makall send me a package. A shoe box with pringles inside... curious.
Oh wait there are the worlds greatest chocolate chip cookies inside. Thanks Makall baby!
Among flying all the way to Idaho to spend a week with me my mom also send me a Olive Garden gift card. Thanks mom!
My dear friend Emily made me a book with her Hands! It is a map of Paris and it is truly a work of art.
Ya with her Hands! Thanks Em!
My brother and Sister in Law gave me a gnome and costars. I love gnomes. I have one outside my door and now he has a friend to play with. And we used to steal costars from restaurants to use at home. shhhh. But now we have real ones.

Love, Tay


  1. ok so mad you didnt tell me it was your special day today!! i would have gotten you a little gift! hope you had a great day. love you!

  2. I like how you painted your nails today too. I noticed that in the pictures. I'm a dork. I also posted your presents on my blog today :o)

  3. TAYLOW. happpyyy biirthdayaaayayayay! remember one year ago exactly when we drove to provo? you picked me up and i was in my bathing suit because i was tanning. and we drove and drove with horkleys and you had to pee but we didnt stop! but then-- we get pulled over. GAY. anways happy birthday i love you i'll see you in roughly......35 days. rigby. horks. pita chips. sticky oily tanning lotion.

  4. those cookies make me so's been too long. LOVE YOU! glad you had a happy happy day!

  5. First off I just want to say that only you make photobooth pictures look awesome! Ans second off I'm glad you had a great day and enjoy your presents.

  6. i am so happy you blogged about the cookies!! ha i feel so special. im sorry if they tasted crappy.. but its the thought that counts, right? ha.. i love you so much!