Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Month Present:)

So I came home today to a wonderful little surprise waiting for me on my door step. Logan's birthday present for me came today. From Logan I asked for a brand new North Face back pack. I am IN LOVE with it. See I was always one of those girls that bought back packs because they were super cute and stylish. Well, after four years of back problems I asked for a comfy, padded, awesome, back pack with a life time guarantee. Before he let me open it he sang, "Happy Birthday Month to you. Happy Birthday Month to you. Happy Birrrtttthhhdddaaayyy Mooonnnttthhh dear Taylor. Happy Birthday Month to you!" Thanks Logie for a great birthday Month present. Oh just so you all know I didn't take it off all night. I even wore it when I was making dinner:)

Love, Tay


  1. haha so fun! yay for birthdays! happy birthday month!

  2. um YOUR HAIR IS THE LONGEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!! remember when you were trying so hard to grow it and i always told you it wasnt growing? bahaha well congratulations. ITS GROWING! ps happy birthday month:)

  3. Oh I love it! :) I've had the same North Face back pack since high school and I love it! It's been to school, hikes, the airport. You name it and that baby is with me:) Happy Birthday Month!