Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick Day

Yesterday I had a sick day to top all sick days. I was miserable and at home all day. But through my little experience I have discovered some things that I cannot live without while I am sick.
1. Sprite
2. Toast
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Warm Blanket
5. A charge laptop on my lap
6. My Tigger Pillow
7. Leggings
8. Funny Girl
9. Lots of Forehead kisses from Logan
10. My Temperpedic Pillow

These are my comfort things that some how magically make me all better:)

Love, Tay


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Hope your birthday is absolutely perfect - filled with lots of good Logan hugs and happy surprises, love and something delicious!
    Ps. annie just finished up at UCSC - a college alumni as of today! She is moving home on Tuesday and will work at Petit until she figures out if it is law school or a job in San Francisco for her future!
    Happy week, Sweetie! With love, Dianne

  2. That is seriously amazing! I just saw that she qualified for the Boston Marathon. She is such a star! You must be so proud of her. And Law school I can't even believe it. I want to see you guys. I come home in April I will have to stop by and say hi!!!!